Why should you use WordPress if you want to own your own website?

Since its launch, WordPress has positioned itself as the main option for any user who wants to create an online store, a blog or, in general, an Internet site of any type.

Currently, more than 30% of all websites on the network work, from fan pages to some country sites, musicians or the main magazines in their digital version, has been created using this platform.

We will detail some features of WordPress, which are the main reason for the success of this web editor:

Content administration and management

Many people do not realize that this platform is much more than a blogging tool. Actually, it is a content management system or CMS.

It is highly flexible, as it allows you to build and also manage and configure your own site, using only your browser and different types of plugins or add-ons.


Since the origins of the Internet, websites have been created in programming languages ​​such as HTML, PHP and CSS, to format text, create page layouts, display images, etc.

Your browser is able to read that code, interpreting those tags, to represent and display the content of each particular page.

But today you can install the software on your own server in no more than five minutes and even in just one click.

Once installed, you can enter it, using your preferred browser, without having to learn to code or program.

It is free and open source

Because it is open source, there are a lot of people around the world constantly working to add improvements and perfect certain functions.

And because of this, its download is also completely free.

By saying that it is open source, we mean that huge amount of volunteers from around the world constantly create and improve the code of their software, which means many advantages in terms of manual modifications.

In this sense, it is opposed to other closed-source CMS, in which case only the creative companies have access to the source code, so that any user cannot modify it.

Totally customization through plugins and widgets

In addition, this CMS is incredibly flexible and has countless options.

You have for example the possibility to edit and customize your pages to the smallest detail, thanks to the hundreds of add-ons that exist today in the online marketplace.

You can add plugins, widgets or install professional templates, which will allow you to create virtually any type of website you can imagine and customize it in detail, thanks to the hundreds of options presented by its premium themes.

Your Website will be compatible with mobile devices

Also, if you decide on a premium template, your site will surely be totally “responsive”. That is, it will adapt without problems to any mobile device.

This, in addition to being an added advantage to use this CMS, is an aspect that can be penalized by Google today, when it comes to positioning a website.

Has a short learning curve

It is easy to use and know. You do not need to have expert knowledge about programming code or HTML. You also don’t need the help of experts to use this platform.

With just a little self orientation, you can handle WordPress without problems.

Also, if you have problems, your official forum or online support are an excellent options to find answer for all your questions.

On the other hand, if you want to add custom functions or extras, it is easy to find help on the network.

Promote the organic positioning of your content

This platform is also very friendly with SEO positioning.

That is, it helps your content appear in prominent places in search engine results, such as Google.

From the first moment, WordPress provides you with everything you need to make sure your content is optimized, something essential for visibility and of course for online success.

In addition, there are many plugins that will give you the appropriate recommendations to optimize all the basic aspects of your On-Page SEO, which will be of great help, especially if you do not have much knowledge in this discipline.

You have full control of your website

WordPress gives you ample, if not total, freedom over what you can do on your website. This freedom is not provided to you by other CMS, so you must keep this in mind at all times.

Definitely, WordPress is a great option to create your own web page.

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