Are you interested in taking a business trip to Europe? Or a place to spend your holiday with your family? Odense is just the right place to be. Odense is the third largest city and the oldest city in Denmark. It has a population of 178,210 as of January 2016 and is the main city of the island of Funen in central Denmark. Odense is the most beautiful city in Denmark, and it represents Northern Europe’s largest hub. The city also has a fast-growing economy with several major industries located in the city.

Do you just have the zeal of visiting a serene environment where you don’t have to wrestle with selfie sticks? Odense is such a place. A home of tourist attractions with a rich cultural heritage and one of the world’s top cities in technological advancements. All these developments provide an ideal basis for industrialization, which attracts a wide range of industries like iron and metals, food, beverages, and textiles.

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In Odense, there are numerous companies, and these companies partner with each other with a strong tradition of collaboration, and they get access to the latest knowledge and technology by collaborating with research institutes. The city is also very rich in education with an excellent and conducive learning environment and research facilities. The Odense University established in 1964, University of Southern Denmark and University College Lillebaelt are all located in Odense. From an international perspective, Denmark is highly rated for its technological advancement. The Odense University Hospital (OUH) is the largest hospital in Denmark, and it has highly specialized units with surgery and special neuro-radiological intervention. They also have other hospitals and private health care services.

Because of the city’s central location in Denmark, it is one of the most important industrial and commercial centers in Funen, and this makes it one of the national convention and congress centers. Odense appeals to business investors due to its attractive conditions for entrepreneurs. It has notable shopping centers and different types of stores, especially on Kongensgade and Vestergade and adjacent pedestrian streets.

Tourism is a vital source of income for Odense. In 2011, Odense Zoo was Funen’s most popular in Denmark with 405,913 visitors. The zoo is very large and has roughly 2000 animals, covering 147 species. The city also has numerous restaurants, hotels, bars, and cafes such as the Australian Bar and Café Biografen.

In terms of sports, the city also has one of the most famous football clubs such as the Odense Boldklub (OB) and BK Marienlyst (BM). The OB football club has won three national championships and five cup titles.

The city is the center for media activity, its leading newspaper, the television station TV2, fully owned by the state is based on Odense. Denmark’s largest university press, the University of Southern Denmark is also based in Odense, and its authors are mainly academics from the University of Southern Denmark.

Odense is just the perfect place one can ever think of, full of charming high streets, lovely green parks, lots of museums, different captivating activities and events, beautiful accommodation, and much more. Odense is indeed a jewel in Denmark.