DHL Sweden – what services?

For those who need to send parcels within and from Sweden, DHL Sweden is available. With a network that covers the whole country and extensive resources, they offer all possible services in transport and logistics. Are you a private person and just send an individual package? Or perhaps you belong to a company that handles constantly ongoing shipments or large freight volumes?

No matter where your problem is, the solution is available from DHL Sweden. As a leading player in the country’s supply market, they are a competing alternative to not only PostNord, but also other foreign companies such as UPS, FedEx, TNT and DB Schenker.

As one half of Deutsche Post DHL Group, DHL is a company based in Germany, but since the beginning of the millennium they are also active in Sweden. It all began in 2000 when Swedish ASG was bought by Deutsche Post via their subsidiary Danzas, and thus was named Danzas. Two years later, Deutsche Post also bought up DHL, which was the new name for the fall of the following year Danzas.

Since 2003, DHL Sweden has thus delivered packages and offered logistics solutions throughout the country. Consisting of around 70 offices and 5,200 employees, DHL in Sweden is an well established delivery company.
DHL Sweden includes four different business units. DHL Express offers international express transport on the road within Europe and with flights to the rest of the world.

DHL Freight supplies domestic and international freight transport by road and rail. This includes not least the national network DHL Service Point for parcel traffic to private individuals.

DHL Global Forwarding consists of global sea and air freight, with the control tower for logistics and customs handling.

DHL Supply Chain supplies the entire transport chain with integrated logistics solutions, which includes both warehousing and 4PL services. All in all, DHL Sweden is fully equipped to handle your shipments smoothly, quickly and safely.


Why You Should Use 3M Thinsulate Window Film

With 3M Thinsulate Window Film, you can have the benefits of double-glazing insulation and solar protection sheet without changing the glass, without much work.

For decades, climate insulation has been used on the walls and roofs of buildings to control the flow of heat and cold inwards and outwards. However, the weakest point of thermal insulation has always been glass.
By using 3M Thinsulate Window Film, we will achieve the same thermal insulation between the inside and the outside without needing to change the glass. We can modify the characteristics of any simple glass in a glass with the insulating characteristics of a double insulating glass, and even convert a double glazing in a triple glazing.

Then, you improve the insulation value of a window pane exponentially. It helps to maintain heat during the winter and cold fresh air conditioning during the summer. It is a real revolution in the energy saving industry.
The Benefits of 3M Thinsulate Window Film:

The sheet has high capacity to insulate from heat and cold. Thanks to the thermal insulating system, you can enjoy the benefits of a window low emissivity without replacing windows

1 Transparent sheets

3M Thinsulate Window Film is a transparent sheet, once installed on the windows, it is undetectable. Their aesthetic appearance is very similar to her younger sister, foil solar control. It is one of the best selling models, which also respects the original aesthetics of glass.

2 Control the room temperature

The film also helps you to keep warm during the winter and the freshness of the air conditioning during the summer, maintaining the temperature you want all year round. Helps reduce cold and / or hot spots in buildings, improving the comfort of users.
It is estimated that 34% of heating and cooling in commercial buildings is lost through their windows. With 3M Thinsulate Window Film, you can improve energy savings by investing a fraction of the cost of changing the windows with double-glazed ones. They are sheets for windows of low emissivity which improve the insulation value of a typical window of a single panel, converting it into a double glazing, and double glazing in triple.

3 Keep the original appearance

It is a window film for climate control that has already been installed in historic buildings improving its sustainability, comfort and providing thermal protection. However, it also maintains the original windows and appearance. Thinsulate is a practically invisible film, it has a neutral appearance that will not change the appearance of the windows, neither on the outside nor on the inside.

4 Reduce Heat Loss

3M Thinsulate Window Film reduces heat loss by 37% and cold loss by up to 40%, a true thermal insulating sheet that has even higher performance than many double-glazed windows. Another of the great novelties of Thinsulate is its ability not only to be a thermal insulator, but also all the properties of a 3M solar control sheet for windows.
With Thinsulate you will improve the comfort with the reduction of the heat produced by the solar rays as much as 35%, a reduction of brightness of 17% and a filter against the harmful UV rays of 99.9%, these before one of the most advanced sheets of the world with exclusive 3M technology.
All these benefits also without modifying the aesthetics of the glass, the thermal insulation film Climate Control 3M is virtually transparent. An improvement of invisible comfort. Technical data.
Thinsulate Performance in Summer And Hot Days
3M Thinsulate Window Film acts as a barrier against heat, in two ways, preventing the cold air conditioning from escaping through the windows thanks to its thermal insulating capacity, and at the same time avoiding the excess heat caused by the rays solar thanks to its properties of solar control.
3M Thermal Insulation Thinsulate In Winter.
Thanks to its low emissivity characteristics in winter, it keeps us isolated from the cold. It is preventing the heat generated inside from escaping through the windows. Then, it maintains the thermal difference between the interior and the exterior of the house.

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